Home is where the music lives….

Hey you 😊 How goes it?

The tour has been SO much fun.  Thus far we’ve completed 7 shows out of 54.  Kinda crazy when you stop and think about it.   

Last night we played in my home town of Austin which was awesome. 

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt very quickly on this tour, it’s finally knowing where I associate as home. 

If you’re someone who has moved from one place to another, you’ll know that for a little while it does feel very odd. 

And by ‘odd’ I don’t mean like that-creepy-weirdo-relative-who-does-odd-shit odd…I mean, unfamiliar.  A little bit scary.  Kinda lonely.  And if you’re also someone who has moved from one country to another, you’ll also be aware of how disconnected you feel and how everything and everyone around you is totally different.  Not in a bad way, just…..different.

I moved from my home town of Totnes, Devon almost 4 years ago and I don’t think a day has gone by where I don’t think about it.  I mean, how could you not miss this: 


Yeah, I know.  Totnes is pretty.  And along with those good looks she oozes historic character and charm. 

To use some British vernacular – Totnes is very much my cup of tea. 

Whenever I manage to get back home there’s something that I energetically connect to that makes me feel like I have arrived back to my roots.  It’s so difficult to explain….but it feels good. 

Really good. 

The down side is whenever I have to leave Devon it feels like I’m being ripped away from somewhere I utterly adore…..and the fact that I’m choosing to leave each time actually makes it more difficult.  I’m choosing to leave behind not just the breath taking scenery, but my family, my friends, my doggie Molly and so much more.      

Arriving in Nashville to begin the tour a few weeks ago I felt something unexpected.  A real feeling of being displaced once again, not knowing anyone or anywhere.  I felt real home sickness.  But this time it wasn’t for beautiful Devon – it’s was somewhere else.


This is the first time I have felt a very deep connection to somewhere other than my beloved Totnes, and during my time away I’ve realised how much I really do love Austin.  It finally feels like somewhere I belong and not just somewhere I happen to live.

There are many things I love about Austin.  But very high up on my list are all the people I have met since I arrived.

I can not tell you how kind everyone has been to me.

Well – actually that’s a lie.  I can tell you….and I did.  A few months back on Facebook 😉

Thanks as always for reading this far…. hope to see you somewhere soon!

KM x

Published by

Katie Marie

Multi-instrumentalist and songwriter. Originally from the UK, now living in lovely Austin TX.

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