Time Flies……apparently.

It’s November 14th.

Since arriving in Nashville on Sept 13th, we’ve played 24 shows across the US and 17 in the UK.  Later today we head off to Luxemburg for the European part of the tour.

Where the heck did all that time go? 😮

It was lovely to be back in Devon for a little while (‘a little while’ being an evening, a morning and half of an afternoon) but incredibly sad for me to have to leave so soon.

That being said – along with playing some awesome shows we have seen some absolutely beautiful places ❤

Beverley Minster, Yorkshire 

Cardigan, Wales

Edinburgh, Scotland

And lots and lots and LOTS of beautiful UK sunsets (they don’t look like this in Texas.  Not sure why…..but they just don’t…..)

The European leg will include Germany, Holland, France and as mentioned earlier – Luxemburg.

Can’t wait 🙂

Although I will seriously miss a good old cup of British tea 😦

Right now I’m trying to catch up on emails and laundry….both are equally large in quantity – but one a little more stinky than the other.

Will write more soon xx

* all photos that are featured in my blog posts were taken by me, please ask first if you would like to use them anywhere 🙂

Published by

Katie Marie

Multi-instrumentalist and songwriter. Originally from the UK, now living in lovely Austin TX.

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